Marketing communications expertise.
Refined for mining.

The mining industry has a language all its own, with terminology and technical details that can be unfamiliar to important stakeholders and audiences, such as the media, the investment community, the public, senior executives, and employees. The industry today is fast-paced and global in scope, and clear, effective communications are more important than ever.

Refined Substance helps mining companies communicate their key messages by combining the strategic skills of a seasoned communications professional with the expertise of mining and construction engineers with decades of on-the-job project experience.

Refined Substance is founded on the belief that clarity is the key to all effective communications. As with so many industries that are highly technical and scientific in nature, the mining industry relies on its own terminology, industry-specific information, acronyms, phrases and other details that can make reports, documents, presentations and other written material largely unintelligible to anyone unfamiliar with its unique language. We help mining and engineering companies better communicate key messages and information to audiences that might not have an extensive technical mining background, including the media, government officials, the investment community, the public, local communities, senior executives, and employees.

Kimberly Darlington

Kimberly Darlington

President and Founder